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Cinemogle [ˈsinə-ˈmōɡəl]

Noun, derived from cinema and ogle.

"Cinemogler" or "Cinemogling"

  1. Someone who loves movies more than the average person

  2. An avid movie-goer who also loves movie memorabilia

  3. Synonym for cinephile, film buff or movie buff

Hey Cinemoglers! Thanks for visiting, a place where you can find a bunch of movie reviews and other cinema related stuff. If you aren't already, we'd love for you to be a part of the conversation by joining our active community of Cinemoglers on Instagram!


Who are we? We are a husband and wife duo - Ryan (Critic/Horror Junkie) & Kristyna (Lead Critic/Editor) - high school sweethearts who fell in love with each others tastes in music and film. Proud creators of the "Cinemogle" brand and community!

Why did we start Cinemogle? If you saw our collection, you'd understand why. We've got the mother-load when it comes to DVD's, Bluray's, VHS's, autographs and other memorabilia. Not a day goes by without retorting at least five movie references. You'll always hear about us going to the cinema, conventions, meet and greets, etc. We just LOVE entertainment and creating Cinemogle was more than fitting.


Everybody is a film critic - what makes us so special? Good point, everybody IS a film critic and it's totally subjective - since we are avid collectors and also do video production for a living, when it comes to shooting the shit about cinema, we most likely have some valid insight about what's good and bad. Regardless, we created Cinemogle to shoot the shit with YOU - having a creative outlet to share our love for film and cultivate the knowledge base of cinema lovers everywhere.


Are you a Cinemogler? Join the convo on our official Instagram page! Either post/tag us in a photo of your crazy collection and you will be officially branded a Cinemogler - we might even mail you a cool sticker too!  Just want a sticker? Submit your request below!

Want us to review your film? Message us through our website (below) or on Instagram - simply submit a viewing link and some stills so we can post on our platform using our unique rating scale. Get our attention by using #ShowUsYourFlicks!

Thank you for supporting Cinemogle - we look forward to loving and exploring film together!

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